A lake reborn! A legend revived!

Where there is water, there is life... and where there is life, there is legend! Lake Karla, a wintering site for birds, had always hosted thousands of birds before being drained in 1960. One of these was the Hetaurus (Botaurus stellaris), which became a legend in the region!

The Hetaurus, a type of large heron with a unique, odd call, a thick neck and short legs, which caused its odd walk, coloured the imagination of locals. Its call, similar to the bellow of an ox, could be heard at dawn or dusk, up to 5 kilometres away, giving Lake Karla its own 'monster' and creating a local legend. However, its reputation faded when the Lake was drained.

It is time for the legend to be revived! Lake Karla is being recreated and is rejuvenating the local community and imagination!