This project includes the construction of:

  • The dam covering an area of 38,000 stremmas (equal to 3,800 hectares) and perimeter embankments along a total length of 22km
  • A significant portion of collectors S3 and S6 to collect water from the catchment areas of semi-mountains and mountainous regions
  • Collector S4 to supply Lake Karla
  • Drainage pumping stations to supply the dam with the sewerage – drainage water from lowlands in the region of the Petra and Kanalia confluence
  • The structural sections of the water supply pumping stations of the Petra and Kanalia confluences
  • The safety project to ensure the maximum level of flood water storage to protect the embankments against the hazard of overflow, and
  • Three islands along the entire length of the embankments, exclusively for environmental reasons (protection of avifauna)